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YOUR Mission Statement

Sample mission statement

Sample mission statement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently my youngest son put out a rap entitled Mission Statement that got me thinking. When we hear the phrase mission statement usually what comes to mind is some big business with an impressive-sounding declaration about itself. It never fails that an entity’s mission statement wows the reader –when anyone bothers to read it– yet when random employees are asked about the mission statement of the company they work for, they are clueless.

A mission statement is defined as a summary of the aims and values of a company, on organization, or individual. Until I listened closely to my son’s piece of spoken art-work it honestly never occurred to me to formulate a personal mission statement as an individual. After considering it though, it seems most imperative that I am not just able to sense my vocation in life as some vague urges, promptings, and nudging in a given direction. It seems of primary importance that I be able to articulate clearly and succinctly what is my personal mission statement. Can you do that?

If someone asked you today, could you formulate your mission statement? Or do you live more passively, tending to react to whatever Life brings your way? Have you summarized and declared what are your personal aims and values? More importantly: DO YOU LIVE BY WHAT YOU CLAIM TO BE YOUR MISSION STATEMENT?

Having already crossed over into the land of middle age, I have begun the part of my journey where every step needs to be taken both with caution (after careful scrutiny), but also boldly in order to ensure that I arrive where I aim to. This means that life for me is now to be lived ON PURPOSE; or in other words, with a mission statement. And to my son, I say, “Thanks, little brother, for your contribution to our own self-awareness!”


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